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              Rudy the Rougarou

Rudy the Rougarou Series of Children's Books

What in the World is a 'Rougarou?'

The Rougarou, pronounced "roo-ga-roo," is a werewolf-like creature that exists in the rich Cajun folklore of the swamps and bayous of Louisiana
Originally, it was called the 'Loup Garou' but over the years it became more colloquially 'Rougarou.'Rougarou.' 

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All of the Rudy book series are currently available on AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE.      
You  can also order the from the 'SHOP' page on this site, too.

Barnes & Noble AMAZON
     Steven Walker and the                 Awakening of Magic
#3 - Rudy the Rougarou -
          No One is Perfect
        **COMING SOON**
#1 - Rudy the Rougarou - 
      An Unknown Intruder

#2 - Rudy the Rougarou -
             Bully No More